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Opekalns Church

Opekalns Church (1774 – 1779) is located in Northeast Latvia, built in the styles of baroque and classicism.The building is lengthwise rectangular with a polygonal altar.The tower is frontal with a small gallery and a baroque peak decorated by a weathercock.A wonderful view towards the Southwest can be seen from both the foot of the church and the tower.

Once upon a time there was no parish in Opekalns.The vast neighbourhood was owned by the parish of Aluksne.The place for the church was chosen by Ernst Gluck, who also separated the parish of Opekalns from the parish of Aluksne.Information on Opekalns Church was preserved thanks to Ernst Gluck' s reports to the administration of Oiconomics.The first wooden church in Opekalns was built in 1683.The first school for peasant children and a cemetery was built the same year.

The congregation was founded in 1732.It was a vast territory with 11 manors.

Visitors are offered to enjoy the beautiful views from the tower of the church, visit the place of the parish school, walk in the grey-haired cemetery, listen into the silence, enjoy the peace of the church hill, hear the stories, anecdotes and legends from the days of gone.


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