Ovisi Lighthouse

Ovisi Lighthouse is considered to be the oldest remaining navigation building in Latvia.The building of the lighthouse was finished in 1814 and it has kept its initial appearance till nowadays without any architectonic changes.

  • Ovisi Lighthouse
  • A view from Ovisi Lighthouse

Stone wall tower (diameter 11,5 m) with another tower inside it (diameter 3,5 m).The height of the tower (without the lantern) is 29,6 m, the height of the lantern (without the weather-vane but with the foundation) is 6 m. The lantern (diameter 3.5 m) was manufactured by Sotter’s company in France.The lantern is still in a good condition.

The lighthouse also had a light mechanism by the same company with searchlight lenses, operated by a clock mechanism, but this mechanism was taken to Russia in 1915.The institutions of German occupation installed a new light mechanism with an acetylene burner, which was used up until 1961.The height of the light is 38,1 m vjl.A white light, visible in the range of 7,5 miles lights up one every 7,5 seconds.

57.568611, 21.717567
Amenities and Features: 
  • Free parking
Last updated: 01.09.2014