Paintball Club "Bušas"

The paintball park which is now a club has been in existence in Latvia since 25 May 2008. During this time the active recreation park has served a large number of diverse clients. They have enjoyed a qualitative form of recreation, and we have had the benefit of additional experience.

  • Paintball club „Bušas”
  • Paintball club „Bušas”
  • Paintball club „Bušas”
  • Paintball club „Bušas”
  • Paintball club „Bušas”

The paintball field "Bušas" is located near the newly built "Via Baltica" road, affording easy access to the club. Just as important is the close proximity of the sea, a 15-minute walk to the sand dunes. This is very convenient for the participants, especially in the summer, where they may refresh themselves after an exhilarating game. Our location can be reached by car, train on bus.
The average age of our clients varies between 16 and 32, a rather wide range compared to othe European countries. Those who seek this form of activity in England, Canada, and USA tend to be younger. This is a confirmation of the fact that Latvians seek an exhuberant life style and  an active way to spend their free time.
The paintball field is divided into two subdivisions, which can be fruther divided by two during the game. When ten players enter the field the size of the territoy indeed seems impressive. Worthy of note is the fact that the field is not cluttered with stacks of old tires or other useless junk. A contemporary looking paintball field has been laid out, with the use of wood materials, and the presence of towers, dugouts and log barriers, heightening the interest of the players in the game.

Getting there: 

The paintball field "Bušas" is located near the newly built "Via Baltica" road.

57.244514, 24.428852
  • Languages spoken: 
    • English
    • Latvian
    • Russian
  • Admission fee: 
  • Payment methods: 
    • Bank transfer
    • Cash
  • Cuisine
Amenities and Features: 
  • Access for disabled people
  • Free parking
  • Information point
  • Smoker-friendly
  • WC
Last updated: 09.09.2014