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Paintball Park "Dāre"

The paintball park "Dāre" offers the visitor a good time in the company of family friends, classmates, or business partners, by combining an exciting form of recreation outdoors with an unforgettable emotional uplift.  This extreme and thrilling sport gives one a a real „taste” of victory and a feeling of joy.

Paintball is a superb and exhilarating game, whose popularity grows with each passing day. Psychologists believe that paintball is a way to get rid of stress and feelings of aggression. Participants in the sport of paintball are armed with markers (a compressed air rifle) that fire paint-filled balls in an attempt to shoot opponents. If the player is hit by a ball that leaves a colored spot at least the size of a eiro, he is considered killed and is required to leave the field until the next game.

  A typical game will last 10-15 minutes.

Languages Spoken: 
Admission Fee: 

Cost of equipment rental (up to 3 hours)
•    7 LVL/person (Monday, Tuesday, Wendesday, Thursday)
•    8 LVL/person (Firday, Saturday, Sunday and holidays)
•    7 LVL/person (group of students up to 20)
•    6 LVL/person (group of students of 20 or more)

Tourism Object Features: 
Free parking
56.793076, 22.546864
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