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Pape Nature Park

Wild horses, bison, and wild ox can be observed on the shores of Pape Lake, and from the specially built tower you can also see migratory birds. It is possible to take a guided tour through the park, to walk, take a bike, or a boat along a specially marked route through the lake.

On the shores of Lake Pape you can see wild horses, bisons and wild oxen and, from the specially built tower, migratory birds. The park may be seen accompanied by a guide, walking, cycling or going by boat on a specially designated route.

The park is located in the extreme SW corner of Latvia in the Rucavas and Nīcas parishes of the Liepāja District. The park’s core is formed by Lake Pape – the 12 km2 large and 0.3 m deep coastal lagoon lake and Nida bog with the adjacent territories.

Officially, the nature park was established in 2004. Nature Park "Pape" is formed by the unique and diverse mosaic of nature’s ecosystems: coastal lagoon lake and wet high peat bog with transitional bogs, sand beaches and walking dunes, coastal dry and wet forests, flood-plain meadows with the characteristic flora and fauna groups. 

The trip has five stops: lake, meadow, forest, bog and dunes. Each of these tells how the beauty of nature – the landscape – is formed. This is a story about the formation of landscape under the influence of various natural processes, for instance, water, fire, wind, large herbivorous animals.

Information about Pape Nature Park is available at the Rucava TIC, by calling +371 63494766, +371 29134903 or writing to [email protected].

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