Pottery Workshop "Zaļbirzes"

Ineta Dzirkale's pottery workshop. Get a hands-on experience of pottery making. An opportunity not only to watch a pot being created, but also to make your own earthenware vessel, buy pottery and souvenirs.

Inetas Dzirkales keramika
  • Inetas Dzirkales keramika
  • Pottery workshop "Zaļbirzes"
  • Photo: Daina Eglīte
  • Pottery workshop "Zaļbirzes"
  • Photo: Daina Eglīte
  • Pottery workshop "Zaļbirzes"
  • Photo: Daina Eglīte

Ineta Dzirkale, ceramic artist and teacher at the Atašiene Art School, has set up her pottery workshop and kiln in her home at Zaļbirzes farm. The artist learned her skills at the Rēzekne Seconday School of Applied Arts. For her, this is both an occupation and a hobby. In five minutes, Ineta can create a vase, a jug, or any other wonderful item from a humble piece of clay. In summer, "Zaļbirzes" welcomes visitors on pottery tutorials; under Ineta's guidance, they sit down at the wheel and try their hand at pottery throwing. The artist also uses local clay for her works.

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    Krustpils district, Atašiene parish, Atašiene, "Zaļbirzes", LV-5211
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    +371 26559420
  • Languages spoken: 
    • Latvian
    • Russian
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    • Bank transfer
    • Cash
  • Creative workshops
  • Souvenirs
Amenities and Features: 
  • Access for disabled people
  • Free parking
  • WC
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Visits on a prior arrangement by telephone.

Last updated: 25.08.2014