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Preiļi Town Park and Manor

The manor ensemble includes several buildings of architectural and artistic value.

A number of buildings and structures have been preserved or partly preserved and remodeled: the manor house, the chapel, stables, the gardener's cottage, the gatekeeper's cottage, the servant's house, a protective moat that encircled a park, and a fragment of a stone wall. The Count von Borch family started to build their house here in the early 19th century.
The construction and decoration of the house was finished in the 19th century.

In 1996s, during the Sviet era, the manor house accommodated a number of different institutions, until the upper part of the bulding was destroyed in a fire. The restoration works so far have been unsuccessful.
The park with a regular design laid out in the 18th-19th centuries is one of the most remarkable landscape parks in Latvijā. It features an intricate pattern of ponds and canals with a number of islets. Some of the he park's design elements bear fancy names: Love Hill, Gentlemen's Paradise, Adam and Eve's Islet. The chapel built in 1817 and the gatekeeper's lodge from the 19th century have survived to the present day.

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