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Pusenu Hill

The highest dune on the Baltic Sea coast in Latvia.

From Liepāja to the south, there are huge dunes – the highest in Latvia. Each has its own name – Pūsēns, Ātrais Kalns, Pāļu Kalns, Lāvas Kalns, Mietraga Kalns. They were created as a result of travelling sands after a large fire in Swedish times. The dunes covered over about 80 houses. In the 1970s-80s they started digging them off.

Sand was used to manufacture lime-and-sand bricks. Excavation works were stopped in the beginning of the 1980s.

, An unforgettable view stretches before you when you climb to the top of a dune! There is a place for picnics arranged by the car park.

56.32661, 20.987792
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Nīca district, Nīca parish, Jūrmalciems, LV-3437
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