Rauna Castle Ruins and Church

The first references to Rauna Castle in historical sources date back to 1381; however, historians agree that the castle was built here prior to this. It is noted in the literature of the 18th century that the Castle was built in 1262 following the proposal of the Archbishop of Riga, Albert II and had been one of the most important centres of the archdiocese. The main building of the castle is rectangular and covers a territory of approximately 47.40 m x 35.49 m with an inner yard, which used to be inhabited, in the middle.

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Raunas pilsdrupas
  • Raunas pilsdrupas
Raunas pilsdrupas
  • Raunas pilsdrupas
Raunas baznīca
  • Raunas baznīca
Raunas baznīca
  • Raunas baznīca

The Castle was demolished nine times by the Russian, Polish, Swedish and German armies. Rauna Castel ruins are one of the best preserved castle ruins in the country, and the northern part of the castle ruins are currently undergoing conservation.

Rauna Church was built in the same year as Rauna Castle following the proposal of the Archbishop of Riga, Albert II. Since the beginning of the 16th century, an evangelic Lutheran church has been operating in it.

Rauna Church has survived wars, it has been demolished and re-built several times. In the 18th century annexes were built to the Church. The last reconstruction of the church took place at the end of the 1930s. The relief “Adam and Eve”, created in the 13th- 14th century, is seen above the west portal, above the main entrance of the church is the relief “Christ on the Cross”. Famous priests such as Jānis Reiters, Ādams Jende, Pēteris Apkalns and others have served in Rauna Church.

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