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Remte Manor ensemble and park

The manor was built around a medieval castle, which itself has not survived until nowadays. From the original manor ensemble only the old landlord’s house opposite the new mansion has survived, along with some farm houses. 

The manor was built in 1800 in the architectural style of Berlin Classicism. In 1880 the castle was reconstructed – modernised according to the standards of the new style. It was complemented with side-enclosures and a pediment in its central part with a Neo-renaissance frontispiece. The owners took avail of the latest innovations of the time and in 1893 installed a telegraph line stretching up to Saldus. The castle was burnt in 1905 and restored in 1926, but still losing the oriels in its main facade.

The original interior decor has not been retained. The castle has a relief “Sphynxes” made in 1800 (K.Veinberga, J.Zviedrāns).

Remte Manor was acquired as a feud (return for service) by Ludwig Butlar in 1506, and his family owned it for 190 years. Next owners were the von Brincken family, who weren’t very successful though, and in 1722 the property was auctioned. In 1723 it was bought by lieutenant Friedrich Kasimir von Brucken. In 1767 his daughter married for the third time to Johan Friedrich von Medem. After his wife died in 1780 he became the owner of the manor and in 1799 acquired the title of a count. The manor remained his property until 1920, when it was divided into farmsteads while the mansion itself became the premises of the Remte School, which has remained there up to nowadays.

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