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Renge Manor building and park

The building of Renge Manor (Rengenhof) is located on the banks of the Vadakste river.The manor-house was located on one side of the yard and the household building and servant house on the other side thus forming a closed yard.The water tower of the manor was built next to them in 1882.

The current manor-house was built from 1881 – 1882 for barons von Nolken with architectonic elements characteristic to French baroque castles and decorative motives in the style of Neorenaissance.  A part of the interior decoration and several stoves and fireplaces have remained.In general the manor is considered to be a small masterpiece of the epoch of historicism.Nowadays Ruba Elementary school is located in the manor.Tourists are offered the opportunity to visit the manor and spend the night, enjoy the night surprises and baking bread and pancakes in manor's oven.The road to the manor is a beautiful lime tree avenue but on the banks of the Vadakste river you can visit the manor park (42,5ha) laid out in the end of the 19th century with plantations of 35 foreign tree and bush species.

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