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Rēzekne Castle Ruins

The well-fortified 15 m high Rēzekne castle mound served as the location of an ancient Latgalian castle already in the 9th– 12th century. Climb atop the Rēzekne castle mound to get the most scenic view of the city.

Rēzekne Castle nowadays

Today the castle hill is the most remarkable and most visited place in Rēzekne. The marvellous sight to the centre of the city and to the trading part of the city is opened from the hill.

The model of Castle

In the beginning of 2003 the model of Rezekne castle was placed in the territory of SIA "Rēzeknes Ūdens" near the castle hill. Model is open for public only in the tourism season – from April till October.

History of the Rēzekne Castle

To get into the castle one should have gone over the balance bridge, through 3 iron gates and from the East side entered the front castle. Since the castle was strategically significant object, it was desired to be occupied by Russians, Lithuanians, Poles, but it was totally destroyed by Swedes in 1656-1660. It was never re-builted as the castle.

Still in the beginning of the last century the living and household buildings were in the territory of the castle, but part of the castle was landscaped. There was park, light, summer stage for the theatre.

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