Rēzekne Roman Catholic Church of the Holiest Jesus Heart

The architecture of the church facade is pseudo-Romanesque while its altar – pseudo-Gothic. Its predecessor was a wooden church built in 1685 from the funds allotted by the Krakow military commander Belinsky. Two centuries afterwards, in 1887 the church burnt down in a thunderstorm.

  • Vissvētākās Jēzus Sirds katoļu katedrāle

A year after the old church had burnt down, the construction of a new cathedral was commenced according to a project designed by Riga engineer Florians Viganovskis. Now it is one of the largest and most beautiful churches in Latvia. Cathedral finishing work lasted up to 1902.

In 1914 the Jesus Heart cathedral was consecrated. Inside the cathedral the most noteworthy objects are the carved wooden altars decorated with the sculptures of Jesus Christ, Virgin Mary, Saint Theresa and others.  

Cathedral is also famous for the stained glass images of Livonian bishops – Saint Meinhard and Saint Albert. Since 1995 the church has been the centre of Rēzekne – Aglona diocese and the bishop’s seat.

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  • Languages spoken: 
    • Latvian
    • Russian
Amenities and Features: 
  • Free parking
Last updated: 12.06.2013