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Rīga Congress Centre

The construction of Rīga Congress Centre was completed in 1982. Historically, the building was constructed as a congress and conference centre for the needs of the Communist Party. Its architects J. Gertmanis and V. Kadirkovs have richly used granite, marble and oak for the building interior decoration.

A wide hall is located in the centre of the spatial composition optically unifying the following most important groups of rooms at the 14 m height: on the first floor – the stalls of the Large Hall, library and administration rooms; on the second floor – the balcony of the Large Hall, Small Hall and auditoriums, but on the third floor – auditoriums. Thanks to the large glass facing the park the notable central recreation room connects the interior with canal greenery in a harmonic way.

Originally, this building was called “Centre for political education”. The halls and libraries of the centre hosted only ideological events organised by the Communist Party.

During the National Awakening Rīga Congress Centre was the home for ideas of Latvia’s independence. In the Large Hall it was declared out loudly for the first time that the Soviet Union had occupied Latvia. Independence ideas were also approved in meetings organised by different creative associations (journalists, writers etc.) and intellectuals and taking place at the Congress Centre.

The Congress Centre has three halls, 10 auditoriums, a lobby and café that can accommodate more than 5,000 people. Rīga Congress Centre houses Department of Education, Culture and Sports and Property Department of Rīga City Council, as well as concert and theatre box offices. Foreign Literature Library is also situated in the Congress Centre holding the collection of more than 60,000 publications in 53 languages. A wide range of reference literature, including rare encyclopaedias and dictionaries, is available in the reading room.

Rīga Congress Centre has the advantage of multifunctional use of premises. We offer premises for different events – concerts and performances, congresses, seminars, meetings, film demonstration, exhibitions and cooperative events.

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