Riga Dome Cath­edral

The Dome is the Latvian Archbishop’s cathedral and a church of the Dome parish.  Historically, the Riga Dome was the Livonian Order’s central cathedral until the disintegration of the Order in 1561. In the medieval period, the Riga Dome Cathedral was the largest and one of the oldest sacral buildings in Latvia and the entire Baltic Region.

  • Doma baznīca no pretēja Daugavas krasta
  • Photo: Kristina Stalnionyte
  • Doma laukums
  • Rīgas torņi - Doma, Anglikāņu, Sv.Pētera baznīca
  • Photo: Lauku ceļotājs

It unites in itself features of the Romanic, Early Gothic, Baroque and Art Nouveau. At present, the Riga Dome Cathedral actively serves the Dome parish and the Lutheran Church in Latvia and is the main place of ecumenical services in Latvia, as well as one of the centres of Riga’s musical life which preserves historical, architectural, artistic and cultural values from different centuries.

In the 14th – 15th centuries the Dome Cathedral was extended with construction of the west nave and side chapel, making the central nave of the premises higher and, thus, transforming the Dome Church into a basilica.

The tower of the Dome Cathedral has also experienced several transformations. In the 15th century the spire reached the height of 140 m, but it suffered during the fire of 1547. Guide services are available at the cathedral by calling +371 67227573.

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