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Rīga Porcelain Museum

Rīga Porcelain Museum was established on the basis of the A/S Rīgas porcelāns (former Rīga Porcelain Factory) museum collection, thus ensuring further preservation and exploration of this collection.

The museum of Rīga Porcelain Factory was established in the 1960s but stopped working in the middle of the '90s when the factory was closed down. In 1997, the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Latvia formed a commission of experts that conducted an evaluation of the A/S Rīgas porcelāns museum collection. In 2000, collection was taken over by Rīga City. Rīga Porcelain Museum was founded in 2001.
Rīga Porcelain Museum opened to the public on 30 October 2001.

56.948045, 24.110438
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