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Rogali Stone and nature trail

The territory of Kukas parish treasures a geologic and geomorphologic natural monument "Rogali Stone", which has been included in the list of state protected natural monuments and is a popular site for tourists.The stone is located in the territory of “Lazdugravas” farm, on the right bank of the Daugava, in Rogali glen 50 m from a spring flowing into the Daugava.

The length of the stone is 6.5 m, width – 4,6 m, height 3,7 m, perimeter – 18,5 m. The stone has a 4 metre long fragment -  several big pieces were split off the stone in 1920s.The composition of the stone indicates that the glacier brought the stone from the Karelian Isthmus.Such stones, the composition of which enables determination of its place of origin, are called erratic blocks.

Thanks to the direction signs, the stone can be easily found and there is a picturesque tourist trail leading to the stone.The glen and the spring have been cleaned, there is a comfortable place to store and take water and a campfire place.

There are several legends and tales about the Rogali glen, the stone and the oaks of love.The inhabitants of kukas parish are proud of the seven wonders of the Rogali glen, so come and visit.

Krustpils district, Kūkas parish, Rogāļi, LV-5222

56.472063, 25.944309
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