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The Sailing Ship Libava

The Sailing Ship Libava is a ship from the time of the famous Duke Jacob of Courland. This ship was recently completed in a Russian shipyard, however its shape and rigging, right down to the finest details, is in accordance with the ancient sailing ship prototypes.

Notwithstanding the fact that this sailing ship is but 17 meters in length, it fears neither waves nor wind and has already sailed more than a thousand nautical miles from Petrozavodsk to Liepāja. The body of the ship is made of sturdy wood, and contains a sure diesel motor as well as all manner of modern navigational aids.

No less important is comfort – the ship contains five double occupancy cabins all with heating and shower, and a common cabin area with sauna, the likes of which would hardly have been imaginable by the lords from Courland of the 17th century.

This sailing ship is too small to sail the great oceans, but large enough to convey you to any location in the Baltic Sea. This sailing ship is an ideal choice for a short romantic journey, as wedding and other ceremonies held on the deck of this ship will become indelible memories.

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