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Salacgriva Museum

The Salacgriva Museum pays special attention to the local fishing industry and fishermen who ply their trade on the Vidzeme coast of the Baltic Sea and the Salaca River, however, visitors can also find out about other important events, facts and people at the museum.

Eel in the fish-basket

A Zutins, as the locals call it, is the same thing as a lamprey. The word is only used in and around Salacgriva and the eel-like creature is also caught here.

The museum’s permanent exhibition tells about the history and traditions of the fishing industry in coastal Vidzeme, the centuries old lamprey fishing methods, when a fishing weir is constructed across a river, as well as how fishermen in the village of Kuivizi began to fish for salmon using fish-baskets. This is a story based on the three most valuable fish species in the Salaca River and the sea – lamprey, salmon and eel.

Hands-on activities at the museum:

  • watch a 20-minute video called From Trees to Lamprey about lamprey fishing in the Salaca
  • paste together an old photograph
  • make your own fishing weir
  • weave a line into a blanket
  • take a picture at the retro photo-parlour Liel-Salaze (take you camera with you!)
  • find out interesting facts and details about the local history, and ask as many questions as you like

The Salacgriva Museum was founded in 1998 and it is the center of local history for locals, tourists and historians. The museum tells about the history of the town, which includes the historical counties of Svetciems and Salaca. The museum collects and analyses historical information on fishing and fishermen of the seacoast of North Vidzeme and the Lower Salaca River, the ancient lamprey fishing methods with weirs, on the history of Svetciems and Vecsalaca manors (Salacgriva has formed on the former lands of these manors), the economic and political life of the area, nearby schools, churches and congregations, and, last, but not least - locals who have become well known in Latvia and the world in the fields of pedagogy, science, culture and arts, entrepreneurship and politics. The museum currently has 4,074 various objects in its possession.

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