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Saldus Castle Mound and Saldus Lake

Saldus Castle Mound is an archaeological monument of national importance. Saldus Castle Mound is a subject of many legends about the allegedly "sweet” (or "salds” in Latvian, hence the name "Saldus”) life on the hilltop where Saldus is located.

Saldus Lake is situated to the north of the city of Saldus and Riga-Saldus motorway. Its shore is both slanted and steep - the latter is especially true of its southern part, where the 12m high Saldus Castle Mound is located.

The south-eastern part of the lake is densely overgrown and inaccessible. The northern shore is used as a swimming-place. The lake owes its picturesque scenery to its location in the valley and the surrounding hills.

A small Vēršādas River (down from Saldus Lake called Kaļķupīte) flows into Saldus Lake proceeding further into the Ciecere River.

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Saldus district, Saldus, LV-3801
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