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Saldus St. John Evangelic Lutheran church and O.Kalpaks square

Janis Rozentals depicted Saldus church in his paintings in the early 20th century.The organ was built in 1872 by Karl Alexander Hermann (1847 – 1926)in Liepaja.The first professional Latvian organ player Oskars Sepskis, who has studied in Germany, adored this instrument and was not short on compliments to its maker.

 In 1903 the church was expanded and reconstructed.Shortly after this J. Betins installed the organ, rebuilding the mechanics and making a new prospect and structure.The tower of the church was destroyed during WWII and the church was left without a roof for a while. Rain could easily pour on the organ.After the war the congregation renovated both the church and the organ.

But many pipes are lost, wind trunks are in ruins and bellows are torn.In 1993 an organ reconstruction and extension project was developed.The restoration lasted for almost 3 years.

During the restoration the bellows, wind trunks and wooden pipes were glued completely anew, the metal pipes were restored, the 8’ trumpet with rupturing tongues was reconstructed; the pipes of the second manual were rebuilt in the swell and the mechanics were made anew based on the example of Zleku church organ.A new construction and support structures were made maintaining the prospect by J.Betins.

O.Kalpaks square – on March 10th, 1919 Saldus became the first Latvian town to be freed by Kalpaks’ battalion and already on march 14th, 1919 the square held the first parade of the Latvian national army.As a testimony to those days there is a memorial stone for colonel Kalpaks and the square is named after Oskars Kalpaks.

Saldus district, Kuldīgas iela 2, Saldus, LV-3801
+371 63807443
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