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Sauka Nature park

Sauka Nature park is a specially protected nature area established in 1987.Sauka Nature park has also been granted the status of a European protected nature area by Natura 2000.Sauka Nature park is located in Elksni, Rite and Sauka parishes in Viesite district.It covers an area of 56,35 km2.

The Nature park is located on the highest part of Selija hillock, where the Ormani hills rises to the east from Sauka Lake.The territory of the park includes Sauka Lake, which is one of the main objects of the Nature park, the big Klauce Lake, Bukuzis, Aklais Lake, Klauce River and Dunupe.There are also many secular and peculiar trees in the park - oaks, ashes, pines, rowan-ashes and sweetbriars.An important part of the landscape is Lone gardens with apple trees.The protected area is also rich in archaeological objects – cult places, castle hills, ancient burial-grounds and cemeteries, farmstead characteristic to Selija, manor ensembles, churches, roadside inns etc.

There is a bicycle route on both sides of Sauka Lake, starting in Lone.An attractive agility route, catamaran, boat rental.  A gazebo is offered for social events.

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