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Savelinki chapel (19th century)

There is a small church called the chapel in Savelenki cemetery. Savelinki chapel is a state protected object.It is a small wooden building, probably built in the early 19th century and renovated in 1908.

This miniature service room has three diminished and adjusted baroque altars.They are decorated with icons representing the era, but they were severely damaged in 1970s due to repainted with an inappropriate colour.The significance of Savelenki church in the culture of the town is still not researched a lot.The unique baroque wood carving dating back to the early 18th century is extraordinary for this place and can be related to such cultural values of Latgale as the altars of Auleja or Berzgale churches.Only in relation with the work of the administration and monks of the Pasiene monastery such an excellent art work could have been made here.1935.

In 1935 a commemorative plate was attached to the building on Brivibas iela 1/3, dedicated to the liberation of Zilupe and its neighbourhood from the enemy.

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