The Secret Soviet Bunker in Ligatne

Within the territory of the rehabilitation centre “Līgatne”, a well-equipped Soviet bunker is located 9 metres underground which was declassified only in 2003. It was constructed in the 1980s for the needs of the political and power elite – for governing the state in the case of a nuclear war.

The bunker was intended as the secret hiding place for the first secretaries of the Soviet Communist Party – comrades Voss and Pugo. It was one of the strategically important sites in Soviet Latvia in case of a nuclear war.

The bunker is a strong autonomous economic structure with all the necessities and the most modern equipment of the time. The original underground equipment has been preserved up to the present in its entirety. A canteen with a typical menu from the Soviet era is open to visitors.

57.256092, 25.072130
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Last updated: 09.09.2014