S.Eisenstein’s Communication Centre in Ķeipene

This is the only public exposition dedicated to the grand filmmaker Sergei Eisenstein, which is located in Ķeipene Railway Station.The centre organises cinema-related events, various seminars and courses.

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  • Photo: Vidzemes Tūrisma asociācija
  • Ķeipenes stacija
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  • Milzu galds un krēsli
  • Photo: Kristina Stalnionyte

The centre accommodates a lighthouse with air navigation lights constructed for the international film forum Arsenāls in 2000. The lighthouse has 64 mailboxes for correspondence with cinema pioneers, and there are postcards for sale.

A giant table for the spirits of old filmmakers is a very recent environmental installation. The 6m high table is a perfect match to the surroundings. The table was unveiled at an extravagant ceremony of the film festival Arsenāls in 2006.

A screen made of reeds by Tālis Sala burnt down, and with Fiodor Chaliapin singing in the background a grandiose construction was presented to the local public and foreign guests – a table with two chairs, with an in-built stylised porthole built in the back of one chair. The construction was carried out by architectural office Norde & Sarma and Kalnozols Construction Ltd.

The in-built stairs can transform the table into a fitting vantage platform. Or it can be used for discussions and joint meditation sessions with the grandest spirits of film history.

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    Ogre district, Ķeipene parish, Ķeipenes stacija, LV-5062
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    +371 26314147
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    • English
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    • Russian
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  • Free parking
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Tuesday - Saturday 10:00 - 17:00, outside working hours – on preliminary notice

Last updated: 10.09.2014