Sigulda castle ruins and the new castle

The Order of the Brothers of the Sword began building Sigulda castle in 1207. Initially, it was a castellum-type fort; following the defeat of the Brothers of the Sword in 1236, the Livonian Order modified it. During the Great Northern War, the castle was destroyed and never restored again. The south-west section of the convent building with Gothic window lintels and the main gate tower have survived to the present day.

  • Siguldas jaunā pils
  • The new Sigulda castle
  • The Sigulda castle complex
Siguldas Jaunās pils komplekss
  • Siguldas Jaunās pils komplekss

As firearms evolved, medieval fortifications gradually lost their initial purpose. Nowadays, an open-air stage with 2,000 spectator seats is one of the main event venues. You can view what is happening in Sigulda castle ruins through a web cam.

The new Sigulda castle was built in 1881. After World War I, the central manor was taken over by the Latvian Press Society, and the modifications affected all structures and interiors. Following World War II, the Soviet Ministry of Health Protection set up a sanitarium in the central manor. Today, Sigulda Town Council occupies the castle. The castle tower provides a splendid view of the surrounding landscape.

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