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Silmaci Museum

There is an open-air stage in Druviena built especially for the play by R.Blaumanis "Skroderdienas Silmacos” (Dressmaking days in Silmaci).There is a museum next to the stage.The stage was built in the place, where several houses are called Silmaci.The neighbourhood has been inhabited for a couple of centuries, which is proved by the Silmaci medieval cemetery near the stage.

The museum has all information about the performance “Skroderdienas Silmacos” as well as the manuscript of the play written in 1902.Every visitor of the museum has an opportunity to live the part of the characters by wearing the appropriate costumes.It is watched by Abram from the top of the oven.It is also possible to try the delicious pancakes by the hostess of "Silmaci" if booked in advance.There is a place for campfires and tents at the “Silmaci" pond.

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