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Skiing and Leisure Centre "Mežezers"

One of Latvia's major ski resorts and leisure centres, Mežezers, lies 120 km from Riga, in the direction of Latgale. Those who have gone skiing there in winter or taken part in sports events in summer, know that it's worth visiting Mežezers and trying out the offer.

The Mežezers Leisure Centre sits on the bank of Lake Odze, and accommodated a sport facility already during the Soviet period. In those days it was a venue that brought together chess players and welcomed visitors from all over the Soviet Union who came there to enjoy nature. As time went by, in late 1970s, a ski lift was installed in addition to summer sports facilities.
Undeniably, people want to spend their leisure time in nature in a more meaningful way and to pay for a quality offer.

A great advantage for Mežezers is its geographical location. It is an area where sub-zero temperatures set in earlier than in Vidzeme or Kurzeme, and the north-facing slope is covered with snow until end of April, or even early May.
Families can come here to take a holiday, go for a bike ride, or take a row boat on the lake, and also find accommodation and catering facilities with skilled service. The hill has two double anchor tow lifts. Downhill skiers can enjoy 6 different runs from 250 m to 500 m in length.
This is one of the highest hills in Latvia in terms of relative height, i.e. 70 m. The tracks have guaranteed snow; a snowboard park is being prepared, and skating facilities will soon be open. A cross-country track is also being laid out. Also available are equipment rental and servicing, a cafe, and a comfortable accommodation with 95 beds.
Every week our clients can expect a surprise, they only have to follow our latest information on the website www.mezezers.lv.

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