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Skrīveri Dendrological Park

A unique European scale site of silvicultural history.

The Park is notable for its dendrological plantations; nature walks have also been laid out here. The delegations of dendrologists from various European countries visit the park on an annual basis to see 300 sorts of trees and shrubs that remain from the 679 sorts which grew here before World War One.
This is an opportunity to get acquainted with traditional forest landscapes of foreign countries without leaving Latvia. A family or a class can come here on a one day trip, or include this site into a longer route.

The Skrīveri manor house was impressive: the spacious two-storey facade was divided by risalits, bays, and several massive towers. The towers had steep four-slope roofs; in the corners, the cornice developed into decorative turrets with iron-wrought weather-wanes. The majority of window openings were enclosed by crescent-shaped arches grouped into twos and threes, or forming a whole arcade.
The fountain in front of the manor house was built in 1897 and draws water from Lake Kalnamuižas through pipes shaped of pine trunks. Interestingly, the fountain is located 17 m above the Daugava, and, 17 m higher than the fountain, there spreads Lake Kalnamuižas, which fed water to the fountain and the manor house. 

Skrīveri district
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