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Smiltene Manor Ensemble

The manor house ensemble was created at the time when its owner was Governor General of Vidzeme George Browne. The estate was later sold to one Bandau, a merchant from Riga. In 1893, the mother of Paul Count von Lieven bought the manor as a present to her son. This started the years of Count von Lieven's ownership when Smiltene thrived.

Later, in 1922, the State of Latvia took over the estate and established there an agricultural school. Up to this day, the manor buildings house the Smiltene Vocational School, educating young people from all over Latvia. Due to the care of the school, everybody has a chance to view the former manor buildings – the steward's house, an ice cellar, a hunters' lodge, stables, a silo tower, a granary with old weathervanes.

The territory of the estate also features the ruins of a Livonian Order castle and a cheesery built in 1763.
The Smiltene Vocational School has been taking part in a number of projects to raise funding for the renovation of the manor buildings and 'revitalising' the manor.


Smiltene district, Smiltene parish, Kalnamuiža, LV-4729
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57.427717, 25.907299
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