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Spy Game "Escaping from the U.S.S.R." at the Military Port Karosta

The spy game "Escaping from the U.S.S.R." offers the opportunity of active participation, to think independently, search, run, hide and experience sensations that are not easily found in the contemporary consumer society.

The game provides an insight into the period of Soviet occupation, including in the tourist circulation the unique fortification buildings of the Czarist times which sometimes go unnoticed.

The task of the game to act in a united way to overcome various obstacles, to find a friend who is unable to move himself, and to take him to the submarine.

Team spirit and the sense of a friend’s support are very important in this game.

While being in the border zone of the U.S.S.R. the participants have to move quietly, hide and scout the vicinity. The game is offered to participants over 10. Younger children can try to escape together with their parents. No need to make prior arrangements.

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