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Staņislavs of Balvi (Balvu Staņislavs)

The monument created by K.Jansons, often referred to by public as Staņislavs of Balvi (Balvu Staņislavs) is situated by the crossing of Partizānu and Brīvības Streets. 

Its history is peculiar; it was first unveiled on 14 August 1938. During the Soviet occupation it was removed in 1940 and 1944; however, on 11 November 1993 it was unveiled anew and this time the statue of the partisan was created by A.Jansons, son of the author of the first monument, in collaboration with I.Folkmanis.

Staņislavs of Balvi (Balvu Staņislavs) The fact that we keep the lands of our ancestors in memory is proven with the established Society of Abrene Citizens (Abreniešu apvienība) in Balvi District, and its chairman is the admirable person Leontijs Vizulis, who is the current chairman of Balvi Section of the Popular Front of Latvia (Latvijas Tautas Fronte).

The trust of our people in the ideas of the Awakening and its initiators is confirmed also with the fact that the members of the Popular Front of Latvia Juris Annuškāns and Aldis Pušpurs are in power in Balvi Town Municipality and Susāji Parish. Us being here and remembering the day of founding our section is of utmost importance. While our memories live, we live too; while we live, the Popular Front of Latvia lives too.

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