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Štelmaheri rock garden in Dobele

The rock garden designed by Štelmaheri couple in Dobele has an impressive collection of rocks and decorative plants.

The garden created by Lilija and Alfrēds Štelmaheri on the bank of the Bērze River is regarded both as a fairy-tale of rocks and a wonder-garden. It has received awards in many decorative garden competitions. The collection of rocks was assembled over several decades. The garden contains rocks of different shapes and sizes, millstones, milestones and rural mileposts. Collecting stones was a hobby of Alfrēds Štelmahers. Apart from the stone exhibits there are decorative plants and plant compositions, taken care of by the garden lady.

The overall environment is green and cozy. 

Dobele district, Arāju iela 18, Dobele, LV-3701
+371 20047591
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56.632584, 23.26458
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