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Strenči Nature Trail

By walking along Strenči Nature Trail that leads along the River Gauja and its former river beds you can enjoy the nature, experience its glory, diversity and variability and visit cultural and historical sites.

When practising regular walking or Nordic walking along the Nature Trail visitors have an opportunity to see how unnoticeably town has gone into the forest.
The Nature Trail is situated in the area of Ziemeļgauja protected landscape district.

Several sites of cultural and historical importance are located in the area of the Nature Trail. Reinforced concrete bridge over the River Gauja near Strenči was built in 1909. Its small width of 4.5 m was sufficient for the carts used at that time to pass each other.

Strengthening of the right bank of the River Gauja was created in the 1920s in order to protect the town from floods during the spring high water.
Trail visitors may relax or enjoy cultural events taking place on the open air stage of the town or spend their time in children’s playground near the stage. But one of the town's symbols - Gauja Raftsman wood sculpture – was exhibited in 2000 in honour of the Gauja raftsmen.

When walking along the Nature Trail visitors may encounter landscape elements so characteristic of the Gauja old river beds, namely flooding islands, peculiar trees – Apiary Oak that keeps the evidence of tarring –, a fragment of an old paved road and Strenči rapids loved by boaters.
Listen and look into the nature!

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