Sunākste Lutheran Church

To get to the Sunākste Church, you have to head away from the 133 m high Sperjāņu Hill, walk back a bit to Vilciņi and turn left. The church was built in 1829 in place of the first Sunākste Church of 1570. The wooden Sunākste Lutheran Church was built in 1570 at the initiative of the Kurzeme duke Gotthard von Kettler.

  • Sunākstes baznīca
  • Koris dzied Sunākstes baznīcā
Sunākstes ev. luteriskā baznīca
  • Stendera Ābeces taka
Sunākstes ev. luteriskā baznīca
  • Sunākstes ev. luteriskā baznīca

The church steeple is a good vantage point in the direction of Lithuania. In 1766 – 1796 the Old Stenders (1714 - 1796) worked as a pastor here. The church plaques commemorate the victims of the Wolrd War I freedom battles and the people deported to Siberia. The altar painiting "The Ascension of Christ" (1844) was done by the Baltic German painter Johann Leberecht Eggink (1784 - 1867).

In 1889 a commemoration stone in honour of the Old Stenders was placed by the church. The stone displays an inscription from his "The Book of High Wisdom". By the church the so-called new cemetery is located, whereas the old one is across the road – on its Stenders Hillthe Old Stenders’s gravestone is located. The stone inscription says: "Here lies G.F.Stenders, Latvian, born 1714, died 1796, together with his wife." 

The centre of Sunākste lies approx. 5 km from the church.

56.422070, 25.493088
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    Viesīte district, Viesīte parish, "Ģederti", LV-5237
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    • Latvian
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    For donations
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  • Free parking
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Last updated: 08.09.2014