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Susaji parish museum of cultural history "Versukalns"

The special aura of the building can be felt once stepping over the threshold.  The museum has an important role in the preservation and popularization of the immaterial cultural heritage.There are clothing and grain barns here.

Museum “Versukalns” is established in the home of the former owner Stanislavs Dupuzis in “Svilpova” of Susaji parish, which came in the ownership of the parish council in 2004.Luckily the eastern part of the house had not been inhabited for a long time, so it was not so difficult to renovate the peasant room of the previous century.The inhabited part was renovated and a modern hall was created for various events.Since 2007 also wedding ceremonies are held here.

In the summer of 2008 an open-air stage with 300 spectator places was opened.The same year also an interesting fence around the museum and the new barn - the clothing barn was finished. In the beginning of 2009 a permanent exposition of the works of districts weavers, knitters, crocheters and other fancyworks was opened in the clothing barn.Here you can also see pottery works and tools used to treat linen and wool from the raw material till fabrics and knittings.The collection of the museum has been created from the gifts given by the parish inhabitants and items preserved in the building of the museum.The big room has many photographs of the soldiers of the former independent Latvia.

The museum is not just a collection of old artefacts, although there is enough of them too, museum "Versukalni" is alive and active with its events.And there is a lot of them.There are senior nights for the pensioners of the parish, celebration of the official holidays, Christmas celebration for the young ones of the parish, singing of psalms, baking of bread in the big oven, Museums' day every autumn, meetings of various levels and other cultural and recreational eventsThe complex of the museum is located at the side of the former Balvi - Vilaka highway, which brings a huge historical value to this place in general.This part of the road was completely renovated in 2008.There is a parking lot for 100 cars.

The home of the catholic bishop Valerjans Zondaks is nearby.The home of a very famous healer in the 1960s and 1970s Matiss Barkans is also nearby. This house is currently run by his daughter.

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