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Three Willow Stables Ltd.

Selective horse breeding, horse sightseeing and horseback riding.

The herd of the Three Willow Stables consists of selective breed horses and selective breed stallions imported from Germany. In Riebiņi horses live from their birth to the age of two years.

The age of a horse is tallied from 1 January of its birth year; the horse remains a foal until 31 December, and a colt until three years of age. When a horse enters its fourth year of age, it is considered an adolescent, and is not allowed to develop on its own but under a coach’s guidance.

Riebiņi horses graze in a paddock every day, running and playing in the fresh air. The horses get used to people and acquire the basic standards of approved behaviour. They are particularly fond of games and snow and water baths.

The Three Willow Stables Ltd. got its name when a willow growing by the stables was joined by two smaller ones. By the time they are full-grown, several generations of horses will have been raised in Riebiņi.

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