Triangul Bastion

Walking on the 11th November Embankment along the Daugava River, across the road you will notice a modern glass building bordering with the Old Town. Earlier it was a shopping centre whereas now it has become an office building.

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Few will know, however, that under the building lies a true gem of Riga historical fortification system - the Triangul Bastion, which is one of the ancient fortifications of Riga partially preserved and now open to general public.  
Ever since Riga was founded it has been surrounded by fortification systems. The impressive stone walls had to protect the city from the artillery attacks of warships. In the 16th-17th century, instead of the present-day multifunctional centre "Triangul Bastion" there stood an actual bastion - the central fortification piece of the city.
The fortification formed a pentagon with one of its sides open towards the city. Although being the smallest of all the bastions, the Triangul Bastion was also the tallest– its walls were rising up to 7-8 metres, slanted at 50 to 70 degrees.
Today the "Triangul Bastion" comprises a 16th century building within the 21st century architecture. The Triangul Bastion not only displays a centuries-old wall left from the historical fortification but also offers a magnificent view over the Daugava River and a panoramic sight of Riga. The view is enjoyed best from the bastion terraces, once closed to the public but opened in summer 2010.
The archaeological findings made during the construction works are well documented through the bastion display stalls, various descriptions and historical engravements. Or you can simply enjoy the city sunset sipping a cup of coffee or a glass of beer in one of the terrace cafes, or watch fireworks at the time of national festivities.
Welcome to the Bastion!

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