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Tukums – Town of Roses

Tukums is a small, garden-embosomed town at the gateway to Kurzeme (Courland), but the citizens of Tukums have always considered themselves as citizens of Kurzeme due to their Kurzeme-like proud and stubborn character.

In Tukums the peace of a small town meets the dynamic rhythm of modern life making everyone, i.e., those going to the museum and those enjoying loud and fun activities, feeling good. The Old Town with the cobblestoned streets and old housing invites to a romantic walk with friends or loved ones. Artists of different generations become creatively inspired in Tukums.

The centre of the town with the fountain is the best place for arranging meetings, and it does not matter if you are young or not that young anymore.

Delicious food and comfortable atmosphere in cafes and taverns and hospitable and responsive people are the characteristics of Tukums!

During winter the visitors have the opportunity to ski in the vicinity of Tukums. Those who do not enjoy the cold outdoors may skate in the ice-hall or bowl. In spring cherry-trees, apple-trees and pear-trees bloom all around. During summer the sweet smell of roses can be felt here like nowhere else. There even is a saying – go for beauty in Tukums!

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56.967812, 23.160439
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Tukums district, Tukums, LV-3101
+371 63124451
+371 28311557
+371 63132688
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