Valdemārpils Town and Surroundings

Valdemārpils (before 1926 – Sasmaka) lies 16 km north of Talsi, on the shore of Lake Sasmaka. An ancient Couronian castle once stood on top of the near-by Dupurkalns hill, also the site of cult activity. The name of Sasmaka is found in historical sources as early as 1582, but a town started to spread out here only in the early 19th century.

  • Lake Sasmaka
  • EvanGelic Lutheran Church

Valdemārpils received its name only in 1926, when the government of the Republic of Latvia renamed the small town of Sasmaka, paying tribute to a prominent public figure of the national awakening period, Krišjānis Valdemārs, who lived here from 1835 to 1845. 

Once in Valdemārpils, it is worth taking a walk through the narrow streets and to see the old one-storey timber houses, a special feature of Valdemārpils architectural style. On a hot summer's day be sure to go to the well-maintained beach on Lake Sasmaka where you can relax, enjoy a swim, or test your strength on a sports ground.

You should also climb up the ancient Couronian castle mound where the region's first song festival was held in 1936. Valdemārpils is proud of its lime (linden) trees – the largest lime tree in the Baltic states, called the Idol Lime Tree (Elku liepa), and the luxurious trees planted by Valdemārs himself that now line Valdemārs Street.

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