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Valmiera Castle ruins and fortifications

The Livonian Order Castle was built in the 13th century in Wolmar (Valmiera), and the fortifications were destroyed during the Great Northern War. Of the castle’s fortification system, only the moat and parts of the castle’s stone walls have survived until today.

Construction of Valmiera Castle began in 1283 in a strategically advantageous site. Historians believe that this might be the former location of a Latgallian castle, Beverina or Autīne, The castle was burned down during the Great Northern War in 1702, and the castle’s outer walls were pulled down at the end of the 17th century.

Historical center of Valmiera

The ruins of Livonian Order Castle and remains of the fortifications on the River Gauja reminder of where “downtown” Valmiera was located in the 13th century until modern times. Some of the 18th-19th century buildings that have survived in the castle’s territory form the core of Valmiera’s small historical center.

The castle ruins are a popular tourist attraction, and summertime brings a concert schedule here.

Valmiera Museum

Valmiera Museum and its exhibition hall, as well as Beverīna craftsmen’s shop, are  located within the ruins.

Open-air stage

Various cultural events – concerts, theatrical performances, celebrations of the museum’s anniversaries and traditional Latvian festivities – are held each year with the ruins as backdrop.

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