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Varakļāni Manor and Park

Varakļāni is a small Latgale town with a rich heritage. Varakļāni was first mentioned in historical sources in 1483 as an estate owned by the family of Grandmaster of the Livonian Order, Bernd von der Borch. In 1789, Count Borch had a stone castle built by the design of architect Vincent Mazzotti that was surrounded with a spacious and spectacular park.

The manor house was built from 1783 to 1789 for the Count of the Holy Roman Empire, Michael Johann von der Borch, who was a distinguished person in the 18th-19th centuries - a member of the Polish Sejm and Quartermaster General, as well as an outstanding natural scientist. The house is a rectangular, 100 m long three-storey building. The facade bears Count von der Borch's motto: ’Virtute duce - Deo favente - Comite fortuna’’ or, "Guided by valour, by God's favour, accompanied by good fortune".

The manor park was laid out at the end of the 18th century, alongside the building works. This is one of the first documented romantic style landscape parks in Latvia. In the park, on the bank of the Kažava rivulet, there sits a huge fieldstone which people call "Love Boulder". A number of legends and tales are related to the Borch manor and the boulder.
Since 1997, the Varakļāni manor house has been home to the Varakļāni District Museum. The museum has on display several exhibitions and themed expositions.


Varakļāni district, Pils iela 29, Varakļāni, LV-4838

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Free entry – Disabled persons, pre-school children, boarding school pupils, pupils of Varakļāni District schools during school year, military, group leaders, museum staff.

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