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Velnezers (Devil's) Lake

This clean, almost bottomless lake is one of the legendary places in Latgale, the land of blue lakes. Velnezers (also called Čertoku, Čortoku and Čertaku) (Devil’s Lake) is located not far from Aglona, in the Šķeltova Parish of Krāslava Region and in the Grāveri pine forest delve.

No river or spring flows in or out of this lake. Neither bulrushes nor water lilies grow there. Birds and wild animals avoid it as well. People say that there are many snakes on the lakeshores, but fish arecaught very rarely, except for fat perch. There is one story that says Velnezers Lake appeared as a result of a fallen space object.

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56.090809, 27.118034
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Aglona district, Šķeltova parish, LV-LV 5653
+371 653 22100
+371 29118597
+371 653 22100
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