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Ventspils Fountains

Let us enjoy the beautiful fountains of Ventspils and the summer! In total, seven different fountains function in Ventspils; each one was created as an expressive object of environmental design appropriate for the respective location.

“Sun Boats”, the sails of which are formed of a fine spray that reflects a rainbow, stimulates calm meditation in the city centre. It is fascinating to visit the port together with the “Ship Watcher”, its stone “head” decorated with tousled “hair” – water spurts.

“Mill Stones” at Dzirnavu Square 5, with 33 effluent water spurts, is not only a unique artistic environment object, but is also evidence of the former role of this square, where mills were once located.

The fountains that please observers at the Vidumgrāvis and Reņķa garden ponds go up as high as 7 metres. And the water flowing among the bright giant drops at Ventspils High School reminds of lazy students’ tears.

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