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Vērmane Park

The park is located in the city centre at the crossing of K. Barona, Tērbatas and Elizabetes streets. In summer there are concerts held on the Vērmane Park stage, whereas the park benches are occupied all year round by Rigans playing chess and draughts.

The park came into being through donations. One of the most generous donators was Anna Gertrud Wöhrmann and her son Consul General H.K. Wöhrmann, thus the name Vērmane Park. Later on the park was complemented by several buildings, a garden house with a row of columns, a mineral water centre combined with a restaurant.  
In 1831 the park was expanded up to the Tērbatas Street. In 1864 a large concert hall was built.

In due course the composition of garden plants was changed several times. In the 2nd half of the 19th century the so-called carpet flowerbeds were laid, and new kinds of trees, shrubs and coniferous trees planted.
In 1889 the first rosarium in Riga was set up in the park. At the time of 19-20th century interchange, reconstruction work was carried out according to G.Kuhfalt’s garden project. In between the two world wars the park was reconstructed once again – this time following a project by A.Zeidaks.
During the Soviet rule the Vērmane Park was renamed Kirov Park. In 1950 a new stage was built, now used as a venue for summer concerts. The park benches still attract many Rigans keen on playing chess and draughts.
Vērmane Park occupies a 4,82 ha large area, abundant in a variety of valuable trees, shrubs and coniferous trees.

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