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Vermane’s Garden Park

Vermane’s Park in downtown Riga is one of the city’s oldest and most colorful public parks.

The park came into being through donations in 1817. One of the most generous donators was Anna Gertrud Wohrmann, thus the name Vermane. In her will, Wohrmann wrote that the park must remain public property and can never be taken away from the public.

At Vermane’s Park:

  • See the place where the first rosary in Riga was established,
  • See the fountain, with the four seasons of the year depicted on the base of the fountain and sculptures of two children playing with Neptune’s trident
  • See sculptures dedicated to great Latvians of the past and the monument to Anna Wohrmann, protected by two lions in the center of a rose garden
  • Visit the entertainment center Vernisaza
  • Enjoy concerts at the open-air stage, which is also a popular meeting point for local masters of chess and checkers
  • Spend some time with the kids at the playground

The Park’s establishment

Vermane’s Park is believed to have been established in 1812, when the outskirts of Riga were deliberately burned down and buildings were liquidated which would hinder the use of cannons and give the enemy shelter.

After the suburbs were destroyed, the Suburban Planting Committee was established and donations were collected to establish parks in open areas of the city. Each person donating a ruble was allowed to plant a tree in the park. Over the years, various buildings were erected inside the park, gardens planted and the outdoor stage constructed.

Today, Vermane’s Garden Park comprises an area of five hectares.

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