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Vīgante Park Nature Walk

A corner of the park with walking paths only recently laid out is the only part of the Vīgante estate that has survived after the Pļaviņas HPS reservoir was built, and flooded the area.

The park is encircled by a fieldstone wall, and the tops of the entrance gateposts are decorated by spheres cast in concrete. The park currently has several dozens of species of foreign trees and shrubs.  The park once accommodated a stage built of travertine, and A.Briede's sculpture "Daina", erected in 1939. A staircase used to lead to the once-popular Liepavots spring. At present, the park features a copy of the sculpture restored by A.Briede in 1978.

The staircase is still visible on the bank of the River Daugava, but now the steps lead right into in the deep.

When back in 1966 the Pļaviņas HPS reservoir was built, the Daugava waters flooded one of Latvia's most spectacular natural monuments - the legendary sweetwater limestone rock outcrop, Staburags (Staburadze). The outcrop was 18.5 m high, and had been shaped by spring water, depositing calcium carbonate onto the rock surface and plants. This was the most described and photographed nature and tourism site of its time.

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