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Vilce Manor

The manor-house was constructed in the 18th century after the order of Baron von Medem. Also the manor’s dry-house, barn and forge have remained today.

 Vilce Elementary School

Currently the manor is a home for Vilce Elementary School. The oak planted in 1937 by the president of state K.Ulmanis is growing by the building. For the first time the name of the school in Vilce Parish was mentioned in 1819 when the feudal lord established a school at Vilce Manor to teach reading, writing, calculating and the religion.

Until 1823 the school was attended by 140 children. The education was free.

Children learned from the Book of Wisdom by Old Stenders (Vecā Stendera gudrības grāmata), and the teacher received a salary. The parishes of Vilce, Mūrmuiža and Blankenfelde were established in the period of 1820-1822. In 1823 Vilce School was closed, as the parish was unwilling to care for its maintenance alone.

Information board available. In the Green Class it is possible to work with nature materials for additional pay. Possible to apply for meals (individual price).

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