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Višķi Roman Catholic Church of St John the Baptist

Built in 1908 - 1925. A three-isled building of trimmed granite stone blocks. Its facade contains Romanesque motifs.

The first Višķi church was made of oak logs in 1621 in honour of the Sain John the Baptist. It was built by the landlords Andrejs and Elizabete Mols in a cemetery outside the Višķi village. In 1625 the Višķi parish was established, and the church served its needs for 94 years. In 1715 the church was torn down and moved closer to Višķi, to the lake peninsula – the relocation was funded by Heronims and Katrina Mols.

This church served for 224 years, and its space took up 410m3. 

Daugavpils district, Višķi parish, Višķi, LV-5481
+371 65440034
+371 29470188
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