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Weavers' Workshop in Tukums

The Weavers' Workshop is a branch of the Tukums Museum. The workshop, which opened in 1974, would gladly teach the old craft to everybody who is interested.  It is an interesting place to visit, to get to know the Tukums District folk dress, and to have an exciting hands-on experience of the ancient craft.  Training is offered to both individual visitors and to school groups.

The Weavers' Workshop is a place where the master-weavers from the Studio of Applied Folk Arts "Durbe" invite active and creative people to learn about the ethnographic traditions of the Tukums District and to learn weaving skills. The workshop offers further education courses for adults in the various textile techniques.

Besides weaving on a loom, one can learn the weaving of triangular shawls on a cardboard base, tablet weaving, the weaving of decorative bands – prievītes, as well as the somewhat forgotten art of bobbin lace making.

Schoolchildren are offered the possibility to learn the elements of weaving as part of their home economy class. The workshop's exhibition room regularly presents displays of applied art works from the museum holdings and of those works that have been recently created.

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Guide services: 5.00 Ls in Latvian for groups of up to 30 people;
10.00 Ls for guide services in foreign languages and for groups of up to 30 people

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Tukums district, Tidaholmas iela 3, Tukums, LV-3101
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